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The student council of the Manipal College Of Dental Sciences mangalore was established with the view of involving the best students from each batch of the third year, in the administration of co - curricular activities of the college, to ensure that each event embodies the spirit of the students of the college and the staff involved. Our council strives endlessly for the success of the upcoming events in the year 2010.

Here are the list of events already organised by the council fot the year 2009 - 2010 :

Diwali party 'JASHNN' :

The party was organised on the roof top of the Light House Hill Road Hospital on 17 October 2009. The event was a huge success and students were seen enjoying and dancing to the beats of the DJ. This surely lit up the Diwali and made the nostalgic freshers feel home !

Blood Donation Camp :

A charity event organized by our council for providing blood for the individuals with rare blood groups and for those in dire need of blood. The event was organized in KMC lighthouse,  and there was a good turnout for this event and the staff and the students readily participated for the noble cause.


The Council and its Advisor :

Cultural Coordinator
Sports Advisor

Dr Karthik Shetty
Department of Conservative and Operative Dentistry

Council President

Prasun Dubey
BDS Year - 3

General Secretary

Nimesh Jain
BDS Year - 3


Sports Secretary

Abhinav T N
BDS Year - 3


Prakhar Mongia
BDS Year - 3


Ladies Representative

Chavva Pratyusha
BDS Year - 3


Web Master / Administrator

Ishan Singh
BDS Year - 2

Fine Arts Secretary

Vaibhav Gupta
BDS Year - 3


Magazine Editor

Ishmeet Nagpal
BDS Year - 3

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